Author: Richard Playfair


15 Interesting Facts And Myths About Queen Bees

Bees are truly a fascinating insect. They are the only insect in the world that produces something that humans can readily consume. Their organizational structure is also something that should be admired. Not only because of how hardworking the bees are but because of how they are able to effectively […]


The Mythology and Symbolism of Bees in Islam

Bees have been around for centuries and have been continuously used in various religious scriptures to depict a specific set of qualities or traits that shows an ideal devotee. In this article, you will learn more about the symbolism of the bee in the Quran and its importance, as well […]


Do Dead Bees Attract More Bees?

If you’re a bee keeper, or a student studying bees or maybe you’re just a bee enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered one time or the other if – like many other insects – a dead bee attracts other bees to it and if it does, how does it work. It’s not […]


Which Bees Are Endangered?

Unfortunately, these prolific pollinators have been declining in numbers in the recent years. This is a problem we need to solve if we want to continue living in abundance with a diversity of food. By the end of this article, you will learn which bees are endangered, the driving forces […]


How Are Bee Hives Made?

Making of hives is a necessity to bees, because they have to conserve honey, feed themselves during harsh conditions like winter and rear their young ones. Bees therefore make hives in quite unique places that scout bees believe are suitable for their colony. Such places include rock crevices, abandoned rodent […]


The Color of Bees!

There are around 20,000 species of bees known globally. There might even be some species of bees that are yet to be discovered. They come in a various sizes that range from a couple of millimeters up to 2 inches. There are also different colors of bees, although commonly known […]


Do Bees Carry Diseases?

While we would like to encourage Bees into our gardens and open public places, we also don’t want to inadvertently introduce disease to where there was none originally. There are a few points to consider so you can take precautions and avoid having these diseases transmitted further. So, do bees […]


Can Bees Carry Things?

Bees carry pollen for one thing, but apart from that, bees can carry nectar, water and lipids. They transport all of these between plants and back to the hives for food. But have you ever wondered how much weight they can fly with? Bees can carry a payload of mixed […]

Can Bees Fly In The Rain

Can Bees Fly in the Rain?

In a word, yes, bees can fly in the rain. But, they can only cope with light showers or drizzle. Heavy rain is a concern and can be very dangerous for them. They are not alone in this as bees share this dislike for wet conditions with other species such […]