About Us

As with most of the best ideas, this site started over a few drinks between two friends. We were discussing Bees and just couldn’t satisfy ourselves with the answers.

So, after discovering some really interesting information and furthering our own knowledge regarding Bees, and just how important they are to the World’s ecosystem, we decided to start a blog of what we found so others could also be educated.

We were amazed by how inaccurate and disjointed a lot of the information we were finding was. We decided to change this.

And so, the School of Bees was founded.

We have now started work on some community and school resources to help with local projects, coming soon! Let’s all help families create Bee friendly environments that are safe for them, their children and their pets.

Mission Statement

To provide accurate and well researched information in one place for the promotion of all things related to bees.

Who We Are

Bee Keeper

I’m Nicky and I never shy away from an adventure. What better adventure than the quest for knowledge…Bee knowledge?! I’m a fitness and adventure sport guy having competed in multiple Marathons around the world, climbed Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and even Everest Base Camps.

After finding out more and more about Bees, I have really fallen for these fascinating creatures and want to spread the word.


My name is Richard and over the years I’ve been an avid backyard chicken fancier, reptile and fish keeper, working dog owner (still am!) but never a bee keeper or general bee enthusiast…until now.

And now…I’m the Bee Whisperer!

Let the school bell ring for a lesson in Bees!