Author: Richard Playfair

which bees are endangered

Which Bees Are Endangered?

Pollination is a free service bees give to help farmers grow food. Unfortunately, these pollinators have been declining in numbers in the recent years. This is a problem we need to solve if we want to continue living in abundance with the diversity of food. At the end of this […]

can bees call for help

Can Bees Call for Help? The Real Answer

Apis mellifera, also known as the western honey bee, is a truly fascinating creature. The behavior of honey bees is quite complex and many interesting questions arise if you observe them closely. Today, we are going to answer one of these questions. So, can bees call for help? The short […]

Can bees die from heat

Can Bees Die From Heat?

Have you ever wondered why your bees do not produce honey whenever they get too hot? Or you are concerned they might die when the heat gets out of hand. In this article we’ll explore these topics and many more relating to how heat can effect bees. So without further […]