Bee Trivia

10 Most Famous BeeKeepers in History

Beekeeping has always been an important part of human history. In ancient times it was quite different than today, as people were simply “stealing” honey from wild bees. The oldest known manuscripts, about beekeeping with hives, were found in Sahara and dated to 2400 BC.  Despite a long beekeeping history, […]


Can Bees Harm These Common Things?

Bees are typically not aggressive creatures if you leave them alone, although, in reality, the same cannot be said for the Africanized Honey Bee species. However, there are instances when they get riled up and attack. It is during these times when bees can cause the most harm to humans, […]


How Do Bees Transfer Pollen Between Flowers?

Bees play a significant role in the fertilization of flowers. They are mostly involved in the process we know as pollination. This helps flowers achieve complete reproduction and multiply in the cycle. At the end of this article, you will learn more about the pollen transfer process and how bees […]


How fast can bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps fly?

Among the most feared insects are the stinging insects, especially the ones that are commonly encountered by humans. These insects are bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps. They are very notorious because they are the ones that usually attack people when accidentally provoked and these attacks can sometimes be fatal. […]


What would happen if bees didn’t pollinate?

Bees are the best insect pollinator there is and are responsible for about $11 – $15 billion worth of hired industrial pollination work a year. They are responsible for pollinating $30 billion worth of crops in a year. This is why the US government developed the Pollinator Protection Research Plan. […]


Mason Bee Myths and Facts

When we hear the word bee, we will likely jump to a honey bee or a bumblebee. However, these are not the only kind of bees that exist, and definitely not the only species of bees we should care about. There are approximately 20,000 species of Bee but only around […]


What Are Bees Attracted To?

Well, the answer to that question will be explored in the upcoming sections of this article. We separate myth from fact and answer questions about why bees are attracted to blue colors over red colors, or why bees will visit certain flowers more than other. Keep reading to explore the […]


How to Identify A Honey Bee Using A Wing Vein

There are a lot of bee species coexisting with us in this world. As small as they are, they make a significant impact on our lives. Specifically, honey bees, they are a great source of livelihood in our agricultural industry. However, how can we identify a honey bee if we […]


Are Bees Born Fully Grown?

Bees undergo complete holometabolism. Their life cycle is very similar to any other typical insect- flies, moths, beetles, wasps and ants alike. A bee transforms from an egg to a fully-grown adult via pupa. Are bees born fully grown? Simply put, no they are not. In fact, bees go through […]


Can Bees Smell Fear? The Complete Answer

Bees have a keen sense of smell. They can easily detect predators and threats to the beehive. However, some individuals believe that they can detect fear, as well. Detecting an intruder or the presence of another creature is one thing, but detecting fear is totally different. Today, we will answer […]