Bee Health


What would happen if bees didn’t pollinate?

Bees are the best insect pollinator there is and are responsible for about $11 – $15 billion worth of hired industrial pollination work a year. They are responsible for pollinating $30 billion worth of crops in a year. This is why the US government developed the Pollinator Protection Research Plan. […]


Bee Killing Pesticides – What to Avoid

There’s no doubt that bees are crucial to the smooth functioning of our environment as they pollinate plants, fruits, and vegetable gardens. However, most gardens, plants or crop fields are treated with heavy use of pesticides to keep them safe from unwanted insects or pests. These pesticides protect plants, but […]


As An Individual, How Can I Help Save The Bees?

It common knowledge now that bees need saving. The industry is in a panic because of the high numbers of colony collapse reported in recent years. We all know how important bees are both in our ecosystem and in our agriculture. We’d be left with uninteresting and unhealthy food if […]


Does Global Warming Affect Bees?

There are around 20,000 different species of bees on Earth, only one of which is the most known honey bee. Bees, in general, and especially honey bees, are an important part of almost every ecosystem on earth – they serve as pollinators of both wild and domesticated plants, thus enabling […]


Why Do Bees Dance?

Honey bees are truly fascinating creatures. Even though we do not often think about them, once you start thinking about their behavior, new areas to explore just keep on popping up. Today, we’ll explore the ways bees communicate with each other, focusing on a specific, and probably the most famous […]


How Do Bees Collect Water?

Bees are a good example of the idiom “Big things come in small packages”. These hardworking insects work day and night so it makes sense that they have to drink and eat from time to time. They collect pollen and nectar to produce honey and it is a never-ending cycle. […]


15 Interesting Facts And Myths About Queen Bees

Bees are truly a fascinating insect. They are the only insect in the world that produces something that humans can readily consume. Their organizational structure is also something that should be admired. Not only because of how hardworking the bees are but because of how they are able to effectively […]


Do Dead Bees Attract More Bees?

If you’re a bee keeper, or a student studying bees or maybe you’re just a bee enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered one time or the other if – like many other insects – a dead bee attracts other bees to it and if it does, how does it work. It’s not […]


Which Bees Are Endangered?

Unfortunately, these prolific pollinators have been declining in numbers in the recent years. This is a problem we need to solve if we want to continue living in abundance with a diversity of food. By the end of this article, you will learn which bees are endangered, the driving forces […]