Bee Trivia

can bees grow their wings back

Can Bees Grow Their Wings Back?

This is a question that you might have found yourself asking from time to time. It was only when I got really familiar with bees that I later discovered loads of interesting things regarding this great insect. The restorative powers of bees are limited. Because honey bees a structured around […]

can bees be frozen and come back to life

Can Bees Be Frozen and Come Back To Life?

A common question among people about bees is whether bees are resistant to cold, or whether they can be revived if frozen. Others ask about the effects of extreme cold on bees and the methods adapted to prevent freezing.  Many creatures were made to adapt to climatic changes that would […]

can bees breath underwater

Can Bees Breathe Underwater? The Real Answer

It probably has crossed your mind one time or the another whether or not insects are greatly affected by water. You ask yourself questions like; can bees drown? Do bees even drink or need water to survive? What do bees do when they are caught out in the rain? Do […]

50 shocking facts about honey bees

50 Shocking Facts About Honey Bees

50 Facts about Honey Bees Are bees really that busy as they say? There is always something new to learn about honey bees and how they operate. Here are some fascinating facts that will wow your mind as you learn more about these buzzing insects; Honey Bees Live in Colonies […]

Can Bees and Wasp Sting When they are Dead

Can Bees and Wasps Sting When They are Dead?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if dead bees can still sting you? Or have you once picked up what you thought was a deceased bee only to find it was alive and promptly stings you?! Usually, this occurs because people do not have knowledge of these beautiful creatures and […]

Can bees see color

Do Bees See Color?

Have you ever wondered what does the world look like through the eyes of a bee? If you have, you are not alone. Biologists have been pondering this question for a long time, and now we have sufficient knowledge about the physiology of the bee to understand exactly what they […]

Can bees die from heat

Can Bees Die From Heat?

Have you ever wondered why your bees do not produce honey whenever they get too hot? Or you are concerned they might die when the heat gets out of hand. In this article we’ll explore these topics and many more relating to how heat can effect bees. So without further […]