Are Bees Still Dying? What You Don’t Know.

It is a mind-boggling fact that these small creatures hold so much importance in our world. Deemed to be a key species, bees are now in danger of disappearing from our ecosystem. The decline in their population caused many conservationists to be alarmed and for a good reason. Majority of […]

Three beekeepers standing by hive box showing their protective clothing.

Safest Beekeeping Suits For Beginners

As a beginner in beekeeping, protecting yourself from getting stung should be among your main concerns. I mean, you are working with bees, so getting hurt is already a given, but it is still a prospect that a beekeeper is not looking forward to. This article will give you information […]


Bee Killing Pesticides – What to Avoid

There’s no doubt that bees are crucial to the smooth functioning of our environment as they pollinate plants, fruits, and vegetable gardens. However, most gardens, plants or crop fields are treated with heavy use of pesticides to keep them safe from unwanted insects or pests. These pesticides protect plants, but […]


What Is The BEST Clover For Honeybees?

Clover honey is a form of honey that people produce from bees that feed mainly on nectar from clover plants. New Zealand, the United States, and Canada are among the world’s leading producers of clover honey but the level of honey quality differs. You can easily get this type of […]


How Do Bees Collect Water?

Bees are a good example of the idiom “Big things come in small packages”. These hardworking insects work day and night so it makes sense that they have to drink and eat from time to time. They collect pollen and nectar to produce honey and it is a never-ending cycle. […]


How Are Bee Hives Made?

Making of hives is a necessity to bees, because they have to conserve honey, feed themselves during harsh conditions like winter and rear their young ones. Bees therefore make hives in quite unique places that scout bees believe are suitable for their colony. Such places include rock crevices, abandoned rodent […]