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Can Honey Help You Sleep?

Many people all around the world suffer from a lack of sleep but this is nothing new. Insomnia, as the condition is normally called, is something that can cause a lot of discomfort if it goes unattended. But seriously, how does Honey help you sleep? Yes, it can. History has […]


Best Flowers for Bees to Make Honey

Everyone knows that flowers are essential to bees, but do you know which flowers are best for making honey? There are a number of common plants that are easy to grow for your garden and that bees will love to visit all day long. The flowers of these plant families […]


Why Don’t All Bees Make Honey?

Ask anyone to say the first word that comes into their head after you say the word, ‘bee’ and the likely answer will be, honey! Well, that is at least the first thought that came to my mind. So this got me wondering, do all bees make honey and if […]

Is Honey Vegan

Is Honey Vegan?

Are you a Vegan, Vegetarian or just someone concerned about the origin of their food? Have you always wondered if you could make use of honey as in an animal product free diet? I am glad you found this post because all the answers to your questions are here. Is […]