Bee Anatomy

can bees kill chickens

Can Bees Kill Chickens?

Just like animals and human beings, chickens can also die from bee stings. Their stings contains the toxin melittin, histamine and other biogenic amines that are responsible for pain and itching. So, how can bees kill chickens? If a chicken that is highly tolerant to bee venom dies because of […]


Can Bees Carry Things?

Bees carry pollen for one thing, but apart from that, bees can carry nectar, water and lipids. They transport all of these between plants and back to the hives for food. But have you ever wondered how much weight they can fly with? Bees can carry a payload of mixed […]

Can Bees Fly In The Rain

Can Bees Fly in the Rain?

In a word, yes, bees can fly in the rain. But, they can only cope with light showers or drizzle. Heavy rain is a concern and can be very dangerous for them. They are not alone in this as bees share this dislike for wet conditions with other species such […]

can bees and wasps mate

Can Bees and Wasps Mate?

This is a question I get asked a lot by the hobbyist beekeeper and you should not be embarrassed to ask it, or worried you’ll get hybrid bee-wasps. The short answer to bees and wasps mating is no. Disappointing, i know, but it is very important to understand why this […]

Do Queen Bees Have Wings

Do Queen Bees Have Wings?

A honey queen bee is the most important member of the colony. She is the mother of all the bees in the hive. Whether you are a beekeeper or a person interested in bees, you should discover and understand the many fine details about a bee queen if you want […]

How do Bees Make Hexagons

How Do Bees Make Hexagons? (Honeycomb)

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon whose sides are equal in measurement. Geometrically speaking, in nature it is as the least wasteful shape. Its compressive shape also makes it one of the strongest naturally occurring geometric structures on the planet. It’s little wonder then that one of natures great builders […]

what bees are venomous

What Bees Are Venomous?

The most common stinging insects in the world are bees and wasps. Their stings could trigger severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. Information from World Health Organization suggests that, an average of 200 deaths from bees and wasp stings occur globally every year. In fact, this is almost an underestimate, […]

can bees call for help

Can Bees Call for Help? The Real Answer

Apis mellifera, also known as the western honey bee, is a truly fascinating creature. The behavior of honey bees is quite complex and many interesting questions arise if you observe them closely. Today, we are going to answer one of these questions. So, can bees call for help? The short […]

can bees grow their wings back

Can Bees Grow Their Wings Back?

This is a question that you might have found yourself asking from time to time. It was only when I got really familiar with bees that I later discovered loads of interesting things regarding this great insect. The restorative powers of bees are limited. Because honey bees a structured around […]

can bees breath underwater

Can Bees Breathe Underwater? The Real Answer

It probably has crossed your mind one time or the another whether or not insects are greatly affected by water. You ask yourself questions like; can bees drown? Do bees even drink or need water to survive? What do bees do when they are caught out in the rain? Do […]