Best Children’s Books About Bees

Bees are one of the most misunderstood creatures in the world. There are some situations where your child might be scared because they only that bees sting people. Having children’s books about bees helps them see that they are an essential part of our environment. It teaches them not just swat and kills bees. The children’s books that are provided in this article will have different lessons, information, and teachings that your children can learn from. 

The best children’s book about bees are The Bee Tree, Little Yellow Bee, The Big Honey Hunt, Are You a Bee, The Honeybee and the Robber, The Bee Bully, The Beeman, The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive, The Boy Who Lost His Bumble, Little Bee: Finger Puppet Book, and Bee and Me.

The Bee Tree

Putnam & Grosset Group

The author and illustrator of this book are Patricia Polacco. This book is excellent for children who are in pre-school up to the 3rd grade. Great for ages four to eight years old. Children would like this book because it captures the adventure and the love of nature during childhood. 

This book also teaches children a valuable lesson, which is patience and books are sweet as honey. As it was mentioned by Patricia in the book, “There is such sweetness inside of that book too!” 

The children will enjoy the illustrations that are incorporated into the book. The best thing about it is that children will quickly understand the book, and it will help them with their reading skills. This would make a great bedtime story for the kids.

Little Yellow Bee

Cottage Door Press

Little Yellow Bee is a fun book that was created by Ginger Swift and illustrated by Katya Longhi. This is great for your children who are one to five years old and those who are in preschool and kindergarten. 

The yellow bee on this lift a flap book introduces your children in the garden, which includes snails, bunnies, and many more. There are also simple sentences and word structures that your kids can read. This will help them get to know the outside world before experiencing it for themselves. 

The firm flaps will help your child with their motor skills, and the book is perfectly sized for your child’s little hands. Little Yellow Bee is a great first book that your kids would enjoy during their early years!

The Big Honey Hunt

Beginner Books

This classic beginner’s book that was illustrated and written by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain. This was created for children who are between two to seven years of age. This story is the original debut of the Bernstein Bears, and Dr. Seuss also edited it. 

The best thing about this book is the simple words and illustrations that provide meaning which would help the children with their reading. The picture offers a gentle natural world, and the green grass will make your children appreciate nature. 

It is about a bear family who runs out of honey, and the Father Bear and Small Bear went out to get more. Instead of buying the honey from the store, the Mother Bear suggested to follow a bee and get fresh honey from the source. This is a great adventure where children will enjoy from cover to end!

It has a sing-song rhyme that your children can easily read along with. The Big Honey Hunt is a book that your children can pass on from generation to generation.

Are You a Bee?

Perfection Learning Corporation

This book is filled with fun facts and information about bees, such as the lifecycle of a bee. Author Judy Allen and illustrator Tudor Humphries wanted the children to know the life of a bee. They showed the challenges that bees are facing in their community.

This 32-page book is great for five to eight years old. Learning the way of a bee’s life will help children lessen their fears towards the insect. The book explains how bees are born and how they survive. It starts off with the bees being developed after it hatches, and how they are taken care of until the time they harvest the honey.

The information is very detailed but not to the point that young readers wouldn’t understand. The book captures the reader’s attention due to the information provided.

The illustration was right on point, and the story was told from the bee’s perspective. The book is very engaging by asking the readers’ questions, which will help them learn effectively. This is great for teachers who do reading time to their students.

The Honeybee and the Robber

Philomel Books

Eric Carle wrote this book so that the children will know the way bees collect their food. The adventurous honeybee goes out for food, avoiding birds and butterflies. The children will enjoy the book and will learn at the same time. 

The book is great for ages two to five years old. It is an interactive book where the children can pull tabs and can remove some pop-ups in the book. The quality of the illustration of the book is excellent. 

The book describes a honeybee that is fetching nectar and returning back to its home. However, along the way, the bee encounters different animals who attempt to eat it. 

When the bee arrived in its home, it encountered a ‘robber’ which is the bear. The bear tries to steal the bee’s honey but eventually, the bee was able to sting the bear on the nose and the bear left.

This book teaches the children how bees pollinate and how they make honey in their daily lives. The pop-ups and the sliders are very sturdy, and the book will last for a long time. This way, your kids can enjoy the book over and over again.

The Bee Bully

Createspace Independent Pub

This book is one of the bestsellers, and Angela Muse writes it and illustrated by Ewa Podles. It is excellent for children who are zero to six years old. It delivers a rhyming story that comes naturally. 

The Bee Bully has a great moral lesson about bullying and the importance of being kind to others. Bullying has been a problem in all ages. This book shows that the bully can get caught up in a situation that they don’t want to be in. 

The big fonts are great to get the attention of the children. The book is not only fun for the children but also to adults interacting with their children. It is also great because the book is available on Kindle. 

Instead of bringing a physical book wherever you go, you can bring your Kindle so that your child can read their favorite book anytime they want. The illustration is very colorful and cute, which the children can appreciate.

The Beeman

Barefoot Books

Laurie Krebs created this book by warm rhyming text, and Valeria Cis created the illustration to as expressive as possible. This book is excellent for children who are between the ages of five to six. 

This is written in a boy’s point of view whose Grandpa is a beekeeper. The book is very informative and educational since it teaches the way of a beekeeper’s life. There are a lot of fun facts about beekeeping that was included in the book.

The words are straightforward to understand as quoted from the book, “Here is the beehive, where all the bees sleep, tucked into a box called a shallow or deep and then placed on a bench by the Beeman”.

The pictures are very accurate with the tools that a beekeeper use in their daily lives. It also shows how the boy values the company of his grandfather. This is a great beginner’s agricultural book that can teach the children about beekeeping. 

The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive

Scholastic Inc.

You may be familiar with this title because it has its television show. Before it aired on TV, it was a book that was written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. This book is suitable for children who are between the ages of four to eight. 

The book has re-released the ten original Magic School Bus Inside Beehive titles in paperback. It will include the latest scientific information so that the children are well updated with any bee information.

This book is about a teacher named Mrs. Fizzle, who takes her class inside a beehive to learn about how workers, drones, and honeybees live together. They will also discover how bees find their food as well as how they make honeycomb and beeswax.

These books are easy to follow, and it best to read aloud with children. This book is very informative, and kids can learn about bees at an early age. You can also pass this book from generation to generation as your children will love the story!

The Boy Who Lost His Bumble

Child’s Play International Limited

This story was written and illustrated by Trudi Esberger. The story is about a child who gardens and worry why the bees have gone during the rain. He tried to bring them back, and nothing he tries is successful.

Until one-day things started to look brighter as Spring came, this is a gentle introduction on the cycle of a bees’ lives. The book is excellent for children because it is straightforward and easy to understand. The illustrations are honest but also on point.

The book is also drawn by the child’s sensibility when he realizes that the bee was gone. It also explains how people can help with pollination and reproduction of flowers. Since the pictures are simple, the children can easily copy the drawings on their own.

Bee and Me

Old Barn Books

Elle J. McGuinness wrote this book to let the children know the decreasing population of bees throughout the world. This book is excellent for children who are between the ages of two to five. The book is also sturdy and can handle any abuse.

This book will let children know that bees are our friends and not our enemies. There is also a lot of animation that your child can enjoy while reading the book. The book displays colorful pictures and delivers a simple story. This was the very first book that applied full color in Animotion process

It has very unique animated windows on almost every page enhancing the action of the story. This book will charm the readers by providing valuable information about bees and how important it is for sustainable agriculture.

It is short and entertaining so that children will not get bored quickly. This story provides some positive environmental aspects of bees. It is very educational and will help your children understand the life cycle of bees.

Little Bee: Finger Puppet Book 

Chronicle Books

Finger puppet book is also fun to read to your children. This is the best way to learn and play at the same time. The book’s author is the Chronicle Books, and the book is excellent for children who are at the age of five to six years old.

Little Bee: Finger Puppet Book talks about all the different things that bees do with an interactive twist. The book comes in high-quality fingers that won’t easily break. It is also colorful found very informative to children.  This brings the story to life, and it is excellent for read-aloud sessions. 

This book can also serve as a learn and play due to the puppet fingers that are included in the book. Another good thing about this book is the kids can follow the tracks of bees throughout the book. The book comes in an adorable size and durable cardboard that won’t break easily.


There are many children’s books about bees out there, but these are the best in the market. It teaches your children on what is a bee’s daily life and how their life cycle is. There are also moral lessons that some books teach the kids. Others, on the other hand, provide scientific information about the life of bees. These books will help them familiarise themselves with the bees that surround them. It will also lessen the fear as they know how bees work.

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