Month: April 2019


Why Don’t Bees Fly At Night?

Bees are among the many insects that are considered to be beneficial to our environment. Their ability to cross-pollinate has given us different plant species and a variety of flowers to enjoy. We owe these creatures many thanks because they pollinate one-third of the food we consume each day. Most […]


How Do Bees Collect Water?

Bees are a good example of the idiom “Big things come in small packages”. These hardworking insects work day and night so it makes sense that they have to drink and eat from time to time. They collect pollen and nectar to produce honey and it is a never-ending cycle. […]


15 Interesting Facts And Myths About Queen Bees

Bees are truly a fascinating insect. They are the only insect in the world that produces something that humans can readily consume. Their organizational structure is also something that should be admired. Not only because of how hardworking the bees are but because of how they are able to effectively […]


Will Honey Freeze?

In a bid to preserve food and keep it for as long as possible many people choose to freeze food. If you have a honey jar at home the thought as to whether you should freeze it or not may have crossed your mind. Will honey freeze? No, genuine pure […]


Can Honey Help You Sleep?

Many people all around the world suffer from a lack of sleep but this is nothing new. Insomnia, as the condition is normally called, is something that can cause a lot of discomfort if it goes unattended. But seriously, how does Honey help you sleep? Yes, it can. History has […]


The Mythology and Symbolism of Bees in Islam

Bees have been around for centuries and have been continuously used in various religious scriptures to depict a specific set of qualities or traits that shows an ideal devotee. In this article, you will learn more about the symbolism of the bee in the Quran and its importance, as well […]


Do Dead Bees Attract More Bees?

If you’re a bee keeper, or a student studying bees or maybe you’re just a bee enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered one time or the other if – like many other insects – a dead bee attracts other bees to it and if it does, how does it work. It’s not […]


Which Bees Are Endangered?

Unfortunately, these prolific pollinators have been declining in numbers in the recent years. This is a problem we need to solve if we want to continue living in abundance with a diversity of food. By the end of this article, you will learn which bees are endangered, the driving forces […]


What Can Bees and Yellow Jackets Chew Through?

Bees and yellow jackets are amazing creatures, however, they can both become a nuisance to humans as they try to enter, or eat, your home.  So, what can Bees and Yellow Jackets chew through? These insects chew through so many different types of materials.  Both bees and yellow jackets can chew […]