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What Can Bees and Yellow Jackets Chew Through?

Bees and yellow jackets are amazing creatures, however, they can both become a nuisance to humans as they try to enter, or eat, your home.  So, what can Bees and Yellow Jackets chew through? These insects chew through so many different types of materials.  Both bees and yellow jackets can chew […]

can bees and wasps mate

Can Bees and Wasps Mate?

This is a question I get asked a lot by the hobbyist beekeeper and you should not be embarrassed to ask it, or worried you’ll get hybrid bee-wasps. The short answer to bees and wasps mating is no. Disappointing, i know, but it is very important to understand why this […]

Can Bees and Wasp Sting When they are Dead

Can Bees and Wasps Sting When They are Dead?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if dead bees can still sting you? Or have you once picked up what you thought was a deceased bee only to find it was alive and promptly stings you?! Usually, this occurs because people do not have knowledge of these beautiful creatures and […]