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10 Most Famous BeeKeepers in History

Beekeeping has always been an important part of human history. In ancient times it was quite different than today, as people were simply “stealing” honey from wild bees. The oldest known manuscripts, about beekeeping with hives, were found in Sahara and dated to 2400 BC.  Despite a long beekeeping history, […]

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How To Eat Honeycomb?

We have all heard of the many uses honey has and what benefits we get from eating it. From being a moisturizer for both skin and hair to being a “cure-all”. You can also enjoy honey and its benefits by eating the whole honeycomb. It is the best way to […]

Bee Trivia

Can Bees Harm These Common Things?

Bees are typically not aggressive creatures if you leave them alone, although, in reality, the same cannot be said for the Africanized Honey Bee species. However, there are instances when they get riled up and attack. It is during these times when bees can cause the most harm to humans, […]