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Do Earthquakes Kill Bees?

The recent earthquake that shook California alarmed many not only because of the destruction it caused but also because of the supposed fatal effect it had on bees. The bee population is already in decline, and this recent series of bee death occurrence just hammered another nail in the proverbial […]

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Do wasps and hornets come out at night?

In most areas, cool night temperatures prevent the wasps from flying at night. A wasp will not fly properly at night if the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The worker wasps will mostly fly towards the lighted windows at night and therefore collide with the glass windows. Wasps that […]

Wasp Trivia

What Are Wasps Attracted To?

Did you know that wasps live everywhere except Antarctica? Or the fact that they make nests out of paper?! Well they do and we are here today to discuss fascinating details about why these creatures are attracted to the most unique things like wine, the color yellow or even lavender […]

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Do Bees Have Lungs?

Insects are a distinct group with many interesting and alien-like features. One of the many commons questions surrounding them as a whole, concerns their breathing. So, do bees have lungs? No, bees do not have lungs. Bees only breathe via a combination of spiracles, tracheae and small air sacs. Air […]